The AGENT with P321

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We Are One Composites, The AGENT wheelset. Complete wheel package that will get you out on the trails in no time!

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The AGENT original

The first high-end magnetic pawl hub
With 216 points of engagement and a 1.6-degree throw, the P321 hub is has the fastest engaging pawl driven hub on the market. With Japanese EZO sealed bearings and easy to maintain drive system. The combination of The AGENT carbon rims laced to one of the nicest machined hubs makes one heck of a combination. Tear apart the technical climbs and coast past your competition with the minimal drag design.


Not all Carbon rims are the same. We Are One is the first manufacturer to bring transparency to the process and has created rim products that are unmatched in quality. 

Our unique layup process allows for all fibers to be placed exactly where they are meant to be. No fiber drift or bridging is possible, ensuring that all our fiber strands are under correct elongation and not bunched up and acting as filler. None of our rims are filled, covered, coated or sanded.

Each rim is assembled and signed by one of our layup staff with the understanding that great care and pride went into producing only the best rim.

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Compact and Wrinkle Free

With proprietary bladder technology, we are able to elevate our production pressures to wipe out any wrinkles in the internal structure, leaving an equally compacted part. It is essential because any fiber that is not correctly elongated can lose fiber orientation and have considerable reductions in mechanical properties. More accuracy and precision makes stronger and responsive rims.

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Tight Tolerances

With all of our molds made in-house by our machinist, we have the most accurate bead seat dimensions. It ensures proper tire fit for ease of inflation and the ability to showcase the beauty of a correctly made part. All of our rims are entirely cured and cooled in the mold, so no possible warping or ovalization of the rim happens. More exact dimensions make building wheels more precise and hold true longer.

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Even Fiber Distribution

Our Layup process allows us to pinpoint all of our layers of fiber in the exact position we want them. The rims are made up of both Woven and UD fibers and have strategic placement of both to increase strength and benefit ride quality. This makes for the ultimate manufacturing consistency and the highest quality rim.

NEW Custom Decal Option


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Product Spec

1829g - 27.5 race / 1738g - 27.5 cx-ray

1849g - 29er race / 1758g - 29er cx-ray

32 hole only

7 degree angled drilling

216 points of engagement - 6 offset magnetic pawls

Quiet and Loud Pawls



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