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THE AGENT 27.5 RIM has a 30MM internal width. Weighing in at 480g +/- 10g. per rim

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The AGENT 27.5

Where the difference is noticeable right from first sight!

It is more than just making a great rim. We wanted to make a rim that was easy to build into a wheel. With our high tolerance mold process, our rims build truer and faster than ever before. The AGENT rim is for the most demanding riders out there. Riders who want to push the limits and not have to be concerned about their equipment

If you are after the most advanced carbon rim on the market that is made right here in Kamloops BC Canada, look no further, We Are One has you covered!




Hole Count


ERD Measure

2.35 - 2.6

Tire Size


The AGENT is the trifecta of design. A shallow 25mm rim depth gives a positive ride feel on the trail and is supported by a stout 3.5mm rim lip that is engineered to withstand impacts The internal rim width of 30mm will allow you to confidently run 2.35 - 2.6 tires from all your favorite brands. The spoke holes are also all angle drilled to 5 degrees to make for optimal angle and increase nipple engagement while decreasing fatigue on the nipples.

We took careful consideration for tire mounting ease and inflation on the hookless bead of the AGENT line. All of these factors play a huge role in tire burp-ability as well. You will find that the tires mount without tire levers and will inflate with a standard floor pump. Once you have mounted the tires, we welcome all comers to attempt burping our rims! 


With tire construction moving towards the wider width rims, we found that 30mm internal gives a great profile on emerging Wide Format and traditional tread patterns. The rider will benefit from a more planted and stable feel, inspiring confidence!


Deep rims are known to ride extremely rigid and feel rough giving a fatiguing feedback to the rider. Our shallow 25mm rim depth allowed us to engineer added give without compromising strength.


With our proprietary layup process, we have created a rim with superior impact resistance. The 3.5mm rim lip allowed for more design possibilities that greatly improved rim performance. Radial and lateral design also benefited.

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All of our rims are naked. #showusyourcarbon was born. We do not disturb any layers with unnecessary sanding or body work that all painted rims have. Disturbing layers causes uneven strength and weak spots in carbon, thus leading to possible premature breakage. We ensure that what we put in the mold comes out perfect every time. Our process allows us to make rims with no surface imperfections. We do not finish, paint, cover up or hide any part of our rims.


All of our rims are backed up with a 60-month warranty against manufactures defect, and they have a lifetime Movement member policy. The Movement member is the original owner that will have any unforeseen breakage or issue covered at 50% off MSRP. These are a no questions asked policy! We want to keep our customers and have them return happy and stoked on their purchase.