Lifetime Warranty 

You've joined The Movement

We have done our homework, tested our products, and know they exceed industry standards. We have the confidence to offer our LIFETIME rim Warranty.

If you break a rim, we send you a new replacement. Period.

NO  rim replacement cost (shipping will be charged)

NO  hidden fine-print

NO reason to worry

Must be while riding your bike!

Lifetime support

There is no reason to be concerned about what happens anymore. Ride the industries best carbon rim and understand that we have your back if you break your rims.

Plain and simple no B.S. 


Our lifetime warranty was put in place to support our customers who ride hard and that may have ended up making a poor line choice or have had a bad mishap on the trail. It is unfortunate, but due to a few warranty claims that were not the result of a riding incident, we will now be asking a few questions. 

Our warranty does not cover vehicular incidents, accidents, or vehicular stupidity.